Monday, 9 February 2009


VICTORIA: The state I live in, The worst Australian Catastrophe happened here this past weekend. Over 100 lives lost so far and that's just what they've found in the cars of people trying to escape. Whole towns wiped off the face of the earth from fierce bushfires (dozens of them). It's been a record breaking time here in Swan Hill alone. Two weeks of record breaking heat not going under 40 degrees. NO relief. Sifting through the homes hasn't even begun because our state is still burning. So sad watching families look for their missing loved ones. A dad searching for his wife and three kids. We know they are gone he doesn't want to believe it and still searches. HEART WRENCHING no more words today only thoughts about how grateful I am to be here. Please take time to click on this link and remember how precious life is as you view these gut wrenching photos.Photo 27 gives me chills. Which way do you run. As I'm still learning how to add links please click your curser over these last three words (FVI) to view it. Fatal Victorian inferno


Amy - AKA - TigerMommie said...

I'm so very sorry to hear about this.........I send my prayers. I do hope you and your family are safe......

megan said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you even all the way across the world. I hope that you and your family is safe. This is so devastating. . . . God be with you.

meganxxx said...

It is so devastating Kristen.

At our school we are gathering a collection of baby goods and non perishables to take up to Kilmore (which is about 40 mins from us).

I hope the weather cools for you-we had 47 on Saturday and it was just stifling-the air was like soup.

Take care


Amanda said...

I cannot begin to imagine the devastation ~ i hope you are all safe where you live.
Much Love,
Amanda x

kristen said...

Ohh Megan the heat is killing us. We weren't even game to open the door on Sat. It was an all time high here, breaking all records.

Amanda thankfully we are safe. the fires are about 2 hours away from us. I had to switch the news off tonight though as Brodie was getting upset that it might blow across here.
Just thinking of those poor people that don't know if family are alive or dead because no word can get out. The waiting would kill. Deaths are already up to over 130.
I have cousins evacuated and thankfully they are OK but I haven't heard word on my ex boss. She was the kindest person and her town has just vanished.I have a really bad feeling she's gone.

I am so fortunate!!

Tanya said...

It is indeed a very, very sad time! I can no longer watch the news reports... it breaks my heart every time! I've shed countless tears for my fellow Australians!! I still don't believe what is happening.. I'm so glad that you & your beautiful family are safe Kristen... I have friends I've not been able to get in touch with.. I just pray that they are ok!! I hope & pray your ex-boss is alive...

Take care!

Love & hugs,

Tanya xxxxxx

E and T said...

Hi Kristen

These apocalyptic scenes are beyond devastating. It is horrific.

Thank you so much for taking the time to include this link with the pictures and details on your blog -you did a great job. It breaks my heart to know that fellow Aussies are going through such loss, heartache and complete devastation.

I hope and pray that you hear positive news about your ex-boss. Please keep us posted.

My thoughts and prayers are certainly with all of the victims of this heart wrenching natural disaster.

Lots of love to you and yours

dani said...

oh, kristen... i didn't realize how close you all are to the fires. i have kept all of australia, north to south such devastation, in my thoughts and prayers!!! i have grown to love love all my friends over there (including you and yours), and it makes your tragedy and sadness very personal.
please take care, and if there is even any hint that the fires may start to spread your way, FLEE!!!
much love and prayers,
dani xxxxx

Shannon said...

Those pictures are so overwhelming. It's hard to belive that entire towns are just gone. I'm so glad that your family is safe, but feel so sad for the families who were not. Hope that heat breaks for you all soon.

Mom2three said...

Our Family has been watching the news with special attention to the Australian fires. They were there about 3 years ago, and we've all been so saddened by all the terrible losses there. There are hearts here in the US that are praying and hurting for you.

4funboys said...

so sad!! My brother has lived there for 12 years now...

stay safe!!!

Grammy Staffy said...

This is all so sad. We are familiar with wild fires here in so. California. They are awful. Thankfully we have never had any that killed so many people. I am so sorry. Our prayers are with you. Our good friends are serving a mission over there. They have been telling us about the fires and heat. All I can say is I am sorry. Love, Lura