Saturday, 4 July 2009


Hi all lots has been happening as always. I'm sure you all know what it's like. I'm sitting back having a glass of red wondering if I've gone completely mad. I will have 6 boys in my house tomorrow night. It's Chayses 9th birthday. He's having 10 friends over for a few hours and 2 are staying the night. Yep mad !! Hopefully photos will follow but I've just got my new fan dangled computer and it's going to take me a while to get everything transferred over, especially while the boys are on school holidays. Thought I'd put this link up of the boys when they were in the Herald Sun Newspaper promoting the Childrens Hospital. Once you are on this page look over on the right at the stories. We are under the heading Hospital part of the Family. Click on it to check it out.


Do you have this in pink? said...

Yay, your back and Thanks for sharing the link. I missed the paper that day and Vik keeps offering it to me but I just keep forgetting to get it from her.

What in the f**k and you thinking having that many kids, aarrgghhh! I'm so hopeless I'd have no chance of taking care of them all.
So whats the new computer like? We got a mac a few weeks back and I seriously love it like a 3rd child! Once you go mac you never go back!!
Are you coming down at all next week? Vik text today she was in colac is she going to see you guys too. I should ring and ask tomorrow because we have nothing to do and could come up too, although is Colac anywhere near, I don't think so. Enough of my alcohol fueled ramblings!!

Good to see your back,


ps watch out for those unexpected surprises.

Tanya said...

Hi Kristen :)

You're one very brave lady having all those kids over... but I imagine Chayse will have had an awesome time!!

HAPPY 9th BIRTHDAY to you Chayse!!

So you're a Mac girl?? Love my Mac's!

Take care gorgeous...

Love Tan xxxx

dani said...

hey, kristen:)

the hospital captured a darling photo of your boys. how scary for parents to have to come to terms with such medical difficulties!!!

i hope chayse's party and sleep-over went well:P


much love to you and yours,
dani xxxxxx

Grammy Staffy said...

Good luck with the party and sleepover. Happy birthday Chayses

...upps... I see by the date that it is over now... well I hope it was a great birthday and that you got a wee bit of sleep.

Vijay said...

very nice post.. i have added u in my blogroll.. hope u too will add me..

4funboys said...

hope he has a great b-day!!