Sunday, 2 November 2008

13 GREAT YEARS Yes Dani i am back. Life is sooo busy aint it. What's been happening. Well Corey and I celebrated 13 blissful years of marriage. Wow how time flies. We'd been together for 6 years before we were married so it seems like forever. Still happy to report that things are going just as smoothly as back then. I do think having kids with their everyday dramas makes you appreciate life and each other more. We decided to take the boys out for tea last night and were having a nice time until all of a sudden Parker threw up, YES threw up all over the table!!. OMG talk about embarrassing. It was out of the blue and gastro has been going around like wildfire. So thankful to the girl sitting behind us with the napkins but did notice they'd moved to another area to chat as we were leaving. We all know what kid spew can smell like don't we. HOW EMBARRASSING. We quickly let the boys eat as their meals were now ready while I cleaned up Parker. Luckily we left when we did as he did it again when we got to the car. My poor boy dry reached every half hour until 4 am. Such a good boy he grabbed the bowl everytime and said :I sick mummy, rub my back" Corey is on the couch today unwell so I'm hoping I don't end up with it to. Below are a few quick snaps of last night just because we haven't done it for a while. Also Happy Birthday Emma !!


Amanda said...

Aww, poor thing, he looks so sad in the last picture. I hope he gets better soon and that the rest of the boys don't catch it!
I hope you don't catch it either !!
Amanda x

dani said...

yea, you're back:) but, i hate to hear the gastro thing has struck your home... i hope everone will be back to normal when you awake in the morning!!!
take care, and don't you get sick too.
much love and well wishes,

Kat said...

Aww. Poor little sickie! I hope he feels better soon.

4funboys said...

this is a post that certainly brought back memories!

been there, done that...

hated it too!!!

but... I hope he feels better, and you get to have another chance to celebrate the big day again soon!

Dana said...

So glad you are back! That story will be a good memory when the boys are older and telling stories about each other! Sometimes it seems like they are small FOREVER and then all of a sudden they have facial hair!!
PS I love your haircut!! l, Dana

Tanya said...

Glad to have you back!! Happy Anniversary!! I hope Parker is feeling better & Corey too!! & I hope you haven't come down with it!! That gastro is really bad at the moment just about everyone I know has had it.. we've escaped for now.. fingers crossed!

take care,

love & hugs,

tanya xoxox

Does it come in pink? said...

Hi Kris,

firstly thanks for the birthday wishes although it's one I want to forget!!

Happy anniversary! So all up 19 yrs? Wow.

What a shame about your dinner, sorry but i had to laugh just a little. I know it would be the pits but reading it was funny.

You look like you've had lost of practice with gastro the way you have everything layed out in the picture (had to laugh at that too)

love em

ps, Kitty's good, looks like she'll scar for a while but hopefully they will eventually go.

Hannah said...

Aweh, I hope all of you don't get it!! It's never fun. That's actually what I just got over :/

Happy anniversary!! I hope you had a great day!!


Grammy Staffy said...

Oh my goodness...what an awful experience for you....poor dear and poor Parker. I hope Corey feels better soon too and that you don't get it.

This is only the second post I've read today. They other was my Krystyn blog friend that just had a new baby....and she is sick with the stomach flu too.
Two Kirstens and two flues....I hope it is not contagious over the blog...after all I've heard that computers can get a virus!!! heehee

Get Well soon boys...and stay well the way, cute new hair cut and Brodie was do look like a teen ager.

Leslie said...

thank you.

Does it come in pink? said...

Where are you???