Thursday, 9 October 2008

YOU MAKE MY DAY Many many weeks ago my hair dresser sister in law cut my below the shoulder hair into an easy to manage short cut. The boys haven't said too much until today. Well I'm taking todays comment for the hair because I can't think what else it could possibly be about. Every morning while I'm doing my hair and make-up etc Brodie jumps into my bed, school uniform on and just watches. This morning I noticed he was really studying me when he said "mumma bear (as he affectionately calls me), can I ask you a question" pause *gasp* ahh "sure Brodie what is it" "WHY DO YOU LOOK LIKE A TEENAGER?' *sigh* You know just the right things to say Brodie bear. Even if I am 35 going on 18 I'II take it.

Ohh how tired do I look uughghh
Part Angel, part devil
Love you bigger than the world. mmaahh xxx


Amanda said...

That's one of the nicest things a boy could say to his Mum!
I love your new hairstyle too :)
Amanda x

Kathryn said...

SUCH a smart, smart boy! :)
I love the cut!

Tanya said...

What a darling!!! love your hair.. you teenager you :) I'm off in a few hours to have my hair done, thinking of going shorter, we'll see! Brodie sure does know how to make a girl feel good!

t. xxxxx

dani said...

"mumma bear"... now how cute is that!!!
your sister in law gave you a great cut, kristen:) and you have a great brodie bear; he's a keeper!!!

E and T said...

What a sweetie your dear Brodie is. Every mum needs a Brodie.

Lots of love

Little Sweethearts said...

How could one not love that pirate smile!

I like your new haircut.

Thank you for your birthday wishes. Of course you are welcome to join my snail mail list! I looked at your "complete profile" to see if I could e-mail you my address for the snail mail list, but there doesn't appear to be a link. If you click on my complete profile there's a link there to my e-mail, so if you send me your address (and birthday perhaps), I'll send you mine!


kristen said...

Yes my little darling also told me last night the girls on Dancing with the stars look really good and I should buy Toni Pearins blue dress to wear when I'm with him.

Of course I would but there was more flesh showing than dress and it didn't even cover her nickers!!!!
Think I'm gonna have to watch this one.

Grammy Staffy said...

cute hair cut and I love the frosting coloring...very nice

Shannon said...

Great cut and what a compliment. He is gonna make a great husband!

4funboys said...

how great is he!!!!

meganxxx said...

He is so adorable Kristen! what a gorgeous thing to say to his mumma bear!

Love the hair cut btw-you are so brave to go the chop-i will be wearing a pony tail with a walking frame i think! I am not adventrous with my hair at all!

I had to laugh, Oscar told me the other day that i was getting a little bit "thick" around the tummy!!! I will swap for a Brodie comment anyday thankyou very much!!!
Take care, hope all is well

B Boys Mom said...

Your cut is very cute! After that comment did you just hug him to bits?

Does it come in pink? said...

Hi Kris,

it's me Em. I know, Em who? It's been so long. I'm closing down the old blog and starting a new one with less personal info about the kids ie surnames etc. Craig got a bit crabby about so much being on the net.
Thanks for Cooper's birthday wishes, we had a great day.

Love the new hair, I wish there was sonething that could make me llook like a teenager again. I'm starting to feel like an old hag with less than 2 weeks till I hit 36 arrhhgg!!

Could you do me a huge favour and go to my new blog and leave a comment because I'm not sure if I've got all of the comment settings right?

Thanks so much,


BIG PS...when are you coming to Melb??? We're still waiting.

dani said...

where in the world have you been, miss kristen??? i was just thinking about you and hoping all is well with you and yours:)
much love,