Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Can you tell ??

Yes that's right the boys received their letters from Santa. Super excitement through the house would be an understatement. Must admit this year was different for Chayse as some lovely boys at school told him that it's his mum and dad that bring the presants, not Santa. He held back tears while asking me about it late on Sunday night. He must have stewed over it all weekend but finally got the courage to ask me if him and I could have a private chat. We made a deal that if he kept the secret from his brothers he was grown up enough to receive an extra gift. He's done such a great job at hiding it . Really proud of him. Anyway here are photos as promised of my boys doing the "happy dance" all along to Logan chanting "oh yeaha, ahh haa, ohh yeaha, ahh haa"


dani said...

oh, so much fun, kristen:D and, your chayse is such a good big brother for allowing his brothers to continue to believe!!!


ps what do the letters from santa contain???

Shannon said...

What a sad day for Chayse, sweet boy. Guess they can't believe forever. Too bad.

Little Sweethearts said...

He can tell those other kids that he asked Santa for a dolphin! That'll show them!

Have a Merry Christmas,

kristen said...

Thanks Tania.
Love it!!

Maybe I'm wrong in thinking 8 is a bit young but his group of friends all still believe in it.

Amanda said...

Doesn't it make you so angry when other kids at school do things like that?!
My eldest (he' 9) still believes in Santa, but he is beginning to question it now. I think this will be his last year of believing :(
I hope you all have a wonderful christmas!!
Amanda x

Tanya said...

Why do some people have to spoil it for others!!! Tayla 10 1/2 now knows but Samuel 8 still believes & I love it!!! Chayse has done an awesome job keeping this special secret, bless him! Love your pics of your boys :)

MERRY CHRISTMAS to you & your family Kristen have a wonderful day :)))

lots of love,

tanya xxxx

Do you have this in pink? said...

Oh my heart breaks for you. He's only a baby, I'd want to go and throttle the other child for telling him...All very un christmasy of me but I want to do it just the same. I was talking to Coopers teacher about it last week and she said her eldest found out in grade 6 and her youngest in grade 4. The school likes them to believe as long as posible. I wish they could believe forever. Is Chayse sad? It's a bit of a let down when you find out the truth,poor kid, he deserved a bit longer believing in an amazing fantasy.

Have a great day tomorrow with your kidlets.


ps, I've lost last yrs diary and now can't remember VIkki's bday this week. Is it the 27 or 29th? I need your help,xxoo

kristen said...

Em it's the 28th,
I was disappointed that he knew but he's been really good about it.

Hope you had a great day yesterday.
Love Kristen