Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Happy New Year to you, Happy Birthday tooooo meeee

Yes it's New Years Eve 2008. Doesn't time fly. Just wanting to wish all my fabulous friends out there a healthy and happy 2009. I hope it is a good year for all. I've enjoyed '08 as I met up with all of you. Hopefully many more years of blogging is to follow. So take care all and party hard on New Years Eve. I myself am looking forward to tonight as I have my best friend Vikki home with her lovely family of 4 boys. Our kids play so well together so we will enjoy a not so quiet BBQ here on this not so warm New Years Eve. As for tomorrow it's my birthday. Yes I got the dreaded 1st Jan. birthday. I can't even go out for a meal on that day as nothing is opened and no one can be bothered doing anything as we are all to exhausted from the night before. It's a great date for a birthday so I guess I'II have to make the most of tonight. Love to all Kristen XX

signing off in 08 with my last few pictures of Chayse & Brodie after running around in the sprinklers.


Tanya said...

Happy Birthday for tomorrow Kristen!!! You should move to the Gold Coast everything is open here LOL!! I hope you have a great time tonight :)) Enjoy the time with your family & friends... Wishing you & your family all the very best & a wonderful 2009 :))
Love the photos of your handsome boys!!

Lots of love,
tanya xxxxx

4funboys said...

Happy New Year! and happy b-day too!

Do you have this in pink? said...

Happy Birthday for tomorrow Kris. Sorry we're not there tonight. We were all set and I was ready to book a hotel and then we came up with the idea for Alice Springs! Maybe next school hols? I was actually looking forward to seeing Kitty with all of those boys!

Have fun tonight,

Love em

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday to You!
I have a close friend who's birthday is on the 1st too.
I hope you have lots of fun today and enjoy your birthday when it comes!
Amanda x

dani said...

i hope you had a lovely birthday, kristen... HAPPY, HAPPY!!!
much love,

Danielle said...

Hope you had a lovely New Years and Happy Birthday as well xxxxxx

Here's to the many adventures that await you in 2009.

Danielle xxx

Shannon said...

I'm betting that those boys of yours made sure that you had a great birthday! Happy belated from me..

Melinda said...

Happy New Year and Happy Birthday from a fellow January birthday! We totally get screwed by the Christmas hangover effect. No one is ready for another big celebration so soon after the holidays!

Sprinklers are the BEST!