Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Bestest day ever Well on a normal Wednesday when the boys are at school I run around and do the groceries, pay the bills and basically get some shopping done. It's my one day to myself as Parker is in creche at ABC learning that day. Logan has kinder in the morning but the afternoon is his time with me until I pick Chayse and Brodie up from school. I did that with them when they were doing the kinder year. We shop then go out for afternoon tea etc. Just one on one time. Being school holidays now I try to make Wed. a day when we can all go out and do something. Today the boys took their pocket money and shopped. They only had $20 each so it was an interesting learning curve for them about what things cost. They browsed for a long time and couldn't decide but were most happy when they paid for their items. We had lunch at the Carriages (an old train done up as a restaurant) and just enjoyed the day together. My mum came with us. I was most impressed that they all used their manners. When the boys were going to bed last night Chayse and Brodie said it was the bestest day they've ever had. I'm really beginning to enjoy going out with them more now theyRemove Formatting from selection are getting older. They are so much easier. Having my baby be three is also making things better. We still do have the odd tantrum but over all it's better now that I'm over the baby stage trying to manage 3 other boys. Another 12 months and I might be able to get the four of them on the plane to Queensland. If they'd sit still long enough!!!

Four happy boys. They bought Parker a spiderman toy which much to my delight woke me up at 6.30 this morning smoothering me in kisses. MWAA MWAA (thanks for that Parker)
Chayse and Brodie had footy dress up day on the last day of term. Of course Logan had to get out his long socks and came out of his room like this. Socks over his Pjs. When he did go to get dressed he put on his boxer shorts with them to be like the boys.


dani said...

that does sound like the bestest day ever, kristen:) we have a train restaurant like that about 4 hours from here (the chattanooga choo choo). katherine and i should go and do that for an over-nighter sometime!!!
the boys look darling in their footy attire, and i totally dig logan in his socks and boxers, ha:b
have a great day (i hope you are well:)

Shannon said...

What a nice day. You make having four boys sound easy. I hope I feel that way as our two get older. I still dread taking them out on my own. It very rarely goes well. So I can appreciate your victory of a day.

Amanda said...

I am finding things getting a little easier with my 4 boys too. Well, i wouldn't say easier ~ but with my little one being 3 also, it's nice to get past the baby stage, tantrums and nappy changes!
It really sounds like you all had a great day out with the boys. I love days like that too:)
The boys are looking as cute as ever in the pictures :)
Amanda x

Weber said...

What a beautiful family! Wednesdays sound like fun. :) It can be a challange to take them all out...sounds like you are doing well with it though. We are going on a 4 hour train ride next month to the big city. Just the boys and me - WHAT AM I THINKING!!!! LOL.
Wow Australia. We've always wanted to travel there.

Kathryn said...

Just look at your gorgeous boys! And isn't it the sweetest that the younger ones want to be just like the older ones? Love it. :)

Tanya said...

Kristen, so happy to hear the boys had the bestest day ever!! It sure does get a little easier to take the kids out when they get a little older!!! Love the footy getup!! how sweet is Logan!! I really do hope you come up to Queensland!!! beautiful photos as always :)

hope you are well!

take care & have a great day,

t. xxx

meganxxx said...

Wednesdays are my "me" day too kristen! Oscar finishes kinder at 2.30 so we have 3/4 hour before we get the gilrs from school. That is 'cino time for mummy and her little man!
I find it bittersweet as the kids get older-I certainly am glad to be over tantrums and going out is a hell of a lot easier but gee knowing that i wont have any more babies again is tough!
Loving the footy gear-Oscar goes for the bulldogs (this year LOL!) and he lives in his guernsey!!!
Your boys are adorable as usual.
Take care and enjoy the rest of the holidays

Grammy Staffy said...

Sounds like you did have the bestest day ever. Cute boys.... cute pictures...

How are you feeling? I hope that all is well.

4funboys said...

hope you're feeling better every day...

your boys remind me so much of mine.

I'll tell you this... not only will you be able to on a plane in a few months... within a VERY short time, you'll begin to enjoy quite a nice work force too! (the only problem is ... not only is it amazing how much work they can get done, it's even more amazing how much food they can consume between the 4 of them) ha

Queen to my 3 Boys said...

Ahhh...four boys...makes me smile!