Wednesday, 17 September 2008

WISHY WASHY DAZE Well the past few weeks have been exhausting to say the least. I'm well and got over my surgery but sit here tonight in a daze of tiredness. Chayse woke Sunday morning complaning about headaches and sore eyes. Eventually Corey carried him into the emergency department and he was admitted to go on the drip and flush his body with antibiotics. He has had meningitis apparently and was released yesterday from hospital. I stayed the night with him and got absolutely no sleep. The alarm for his drip went off every hour and had to be topped up for the next 60mls of meds. Talk about annoying!!! 1am, 2am ,3am etc etc. I woke each hour as the nurse came in. It was like a torture system. Anyway he's back at school today running around fit as a fiddle. I really think as sick as he was he enjoyed the one on one time with mum. He kept reaching out to hold my hand all night saying "thanks for staying with me". Today he told me he enjoyed it just being us. So hard when you have 4 kids to give quality time to. So for my wishy washy day (brain wise I think as it's not functioning yet) I've added my favorite pic of Parker and more of him doing his favorite job in the house. The washing (watching it go "round and round" mind you) He is obsessed.


dani said...

oh my goodness, kristen, meningitis is pretty scary, huh... bless chayse's heart; i'm sure he felt awful. thank goodness he's well; thank goodness you are well, too, my dear friend.
take care:)
much love to you and yours,

meganxxx said...

Shivers Kristen-bloody meningitis how awful!
I am so glad Chayse is ok-kids huh- they scare the living daylights out of us sometimes!
I love the comments about you and him time-it sounds like something most "multiple children" think.
Truly glad he is up and about, hopefully time for mummy to get some rest- maybe the weekend???

Take care

kristen said...

Rest hhhmmmm

my best friend is comming for a few days with her 4 boys so can you imagine me resting with 8 boys on the go.
The boys will have a ball though!!!

Shannon said...

Wow you are lucky that you got him to the hospital. That could have been way worse. What a sweet boy, being sick and just enjoying that his mom was with him and only him. I think your family is ready for a rush of healthy-ness (is that a work) No more emergencies-Okay.

Tanya said...

Kristen, so glad to hear Chayse is ok!!! meningitis is very scary, one of the nurses I spoke to today at the hospital said she had almost died of meningitis a few years ago!! so happy he is up & about again!! Parker is such a handsome little guy, isn't it funny the things our kids become obsessed with!!! I hope YOU feel better soon :)

take care,

love & hugs,
tanya xxxx

Amanda said...

Oh my gosh! I'm so glad that he has recovered ok. What a scary time for you all.
I hope the little one enjoys the laundry as much when he is growing up! tee-hee!!
Amanda x

Grammy Staffy said...

What a terrible experience for you and Chayse. So sorry that he was so ill but thankful that he recovered so quickly and is back in school. It is so scary when our children get sick. My David was in the hospital a lot as a child and I remember how hard it was to watch my little boy suffer. My heart goes out to you.

The pictures of Parker are so cute....maybe with a little training he could do the laundry for you.(heehee)

Glad you are recovered from the rest up (like that will happen with four boys)and recover from Chayse being sick.

Danielle said...

I feel your pain. First of all how horrible that he was so sick and second it is torture trying to get any sleep in those places.

You just start wishing for the sun to come up and let it be over.

Glad he had some Mummy time and especially glad he is better.


Sadie said...

I found your blog linked somewhere- I always enjoy reading about the lives of other moms of boys.

I'm glad yuor son is doing better. A vry scary situation