Monday, 8 September 2008

HAPPY FATHERS DAY Happiest of Fathers day to you my Corey. I know you don't go for all this being spoilt stuff but I still know you enjoyed being with your boys for the day. A wonderful one we had to. Sitting at the river watching the boys ride around and sitting around the fire toasting marshmellows. You are the type of dad that doesn't want any fuss and still insisted on cooking for us as you always do on Sundays. Pampered is what we are with you. The boys eargerly wait for you to come home every night to kick the footy and every weekend you want to take them somewhere or do something with them. Even a drive to the tip is fun for them because they are with you. Thanks for being the best dad a kid could ever want. Fun, Active, Generous, and most of all There. We are not complete until you are here with us. Love you heaps. Happy Fathers Day . And Corey "ditto"


Amanda said...

Happy Fathers Day! Hope you all had a great day:)

meganxxx said...

Gorgeous post Kristen for an obviously Gorgeous man-HapPy FAthers day Corey (AND ROHAN TOO HAHAHA)

Emma-Kate Castricum said...

What a champion!

Lucky for me I also have a lovely hubby who got up to cook me breakfast on fathers day. Don't you just love em!


Grammy Staffy said...

Happy Father's day to that great guy of yours. He sounds like a great dad for those 4 great boys of yours.

How are you feeling? I hope that you are recovering well.

dani said...

happy belated father's day, corey!!!
what a lucky man you are to get to spoil your lovely wife and four awesome boys on father's day... tee-hee:)
i hope you are feeling better, kristen!!!

E and T said...

Happy belated father's day. Sounds like a perfect day for a perfect dad.

Kristen, I hope you are recovering well and feeling better. Thinking of you.

Lots of love

Tanya said...

Kristen such a beautiful post! Sounds like Corey had an amazing Father's Day!!! Your boys are so blessed to have a dad that is THERE for them there is no greater gift!!! I hope you are feeling well, keeping you in my prayers!!!

take care :)

tanya xxxx

Kathryn said...

Aww. Such a sweet post, and gorgeous pics to go with. :)

Shannon said...

Happy Fathers Day to Corey. I love dads who are great at being dads. I have one, I married one and hope my boys are one. Looks like you got one to. Well done.

Emma-Kate Castricum said...


I've come straight over to see the concert pic's, where are they?? Yes Mum and I think Cooper's like me but nobody else can see past the red hair like Craig's!!

Love em

Grammy Staffy said...

How are you doing dear? I am thinking of you.

Drop by my blog...I mention you there.

Hugs, Lura

meganxxx said...

Hey Kristen
I popped across from Sheyes blog and you mentioned Chayse is on a drip??? I may have missed soemthing along the way (?) but i just wanted to check he is ok?

Take care